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The 2009 ASHS Annual Conference

Performance of An Elite Strawberry Population Derived From Wild Germplasm of Fragaria Chiloensis and F. Virginiana

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Illinois/Missouri/Meramec (Millennium Hotel St. Louis)
Travis Stegmeir, Michigan State University, East Lansing
Ryan M. Warner, Michigan State Univ, East Lansing, MI
Chad Finn, USDA ARS HCRL, Corvallis, OR
James Hancock, Michigan State Univ, East Lansing, MI
Fragaria xananassa Duchesne ex Rozier, or the cultivated strawberry, resulted from the accidental hybridization of two wild species, F. chiloensis (L.) Miller and F. virginiana Miller. In an attempt to recreate the cultivated strawberry, elite clones of F. chiloensis and F. virginiana were crossed within species and then hybridized to produce several reconstructed populations. Of these populations, FVC11 [(Frederick 9 x LH 50-4) x (Scotts Creek x 2 MAR 1A)] segregated for several important horticultural traits.  In the summer of 2008, seasonal flowering patterns, inflorescence number, inflorescence height, crown production, flower number, fruit size, yield, internal color, soluble solids, fruit firmness and plant vigor were measured in this population.  Progeny means were compared to those of the parental means and most traits exhibited transgressive segregation, most notably yield and fruit weight.  Significant positive correlations were found between many of the production traits, although significant negative correlations were observed between fruit firmness and flowers per inflorescence, fruit firmness and soluble solids and yield per plant and soluble solids. Overall performance scores were  assigned to each genotype by summing their  relative performance for each trait in the population. Individuals were identified that combined high values for fruit weight and yield with higher than average values for fruit color, firmness and soluble solids.  Use of this population in breeding programs could help expand the genetic base of the cultivated strawberry with limited linkage drag.