Local Food Systems (LOCSY) Working Group Business Meeting

The purpose, function, and activities of the Local Food Systems working group is to serve members of the society with a framework and structure for academic and research information exchange on scientific development, scholarship and educational activities related to and regarding local and regional production systems; topics of interest would include defining and measurement of food systems, foodsheds, small and mid-scale production systems, beginning/new farmers, local farmers and farmers markets, farmers expanding from direct sale to local/regional wholesale, scale neutral technologies, agriculture at the urban/rural interface, urban horticulture production (community gardens, school gardens, home gardens), farm-to-consumer marketing, farmer-to-institution/school marketing, local food system and farmland policy, and relationships of local horticulture to rural and urban communities and economies. The working group is a cross-commodity, research working group although not excluding activities related to classroom education and/or extension/consulting on the topics. 2010 Chair: Curt R. Rom
Tuesday, August 3, 2010: 4:00 PM
Director's Suite I