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The 2010 ASHS Annual Conference

Undergraduate Poster Competition 1

Monday, August 2, 2010: 12:00 PM
Springs F & G
The Effects of Daminozide On Flower Production and Sex Ratios in Hydroponic Greenhouse Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus), Poster Board # 335
Daniel C. Messick, Middle Tennessee State University; Nathan C. Phillips, Middle Tennessee State University; Eric J. Limbird, Middle Tennessee State University
Plants, Happiness, and Grades: Are They Connected?, Poster Board # 336
Amanda Plante, Graduate Student in Plant Sci., University of Tennessee; Susan Wilson Hamilton, PhD, Director University of Tennessee Gardens, Univ of Tennessee
Color x Phosphorus Interactions in Greenhouse Grown Annual Statice (Limonium sinuatum L.), Poster Board # 337
Renee Conneway, West Virginia University; Louis McDonald, West Virginia Univ; Sven Verlinden, West Virginia University
Increasing Winter Salad Greens Yield in High Tunnels, Poster Board # 338
Benjamin Hudson, Utah State University; Dan Drost, Utah State University
The Transformation of Rubus and Its Application to the Study of Plant Secondary Metabolites in Plant and Animal Cells, Poster Board # 339
Natasha Skiver, University of Central Arkansas; Courtney Walker, University of Central Arkansas; Nadine Gates, University of Central Arkansas; Kayla Parker, University of Central Arkansas; John-David Swanson, Ph.D., University of Arkansas