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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Phloem Sap Diagnostics - Rapid, Integrative Tests for the Assessment of Plant Health

Wednesday, September 28, 2011: 9:00 AM
Monarchy Ballroom
Andrew Merchant, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Developing tools for the rapid assessment of plant health is of considerable interest for ecosystem management. Understanding core processes of plant function is central to the development of such tools. Phloem is the central conduit for long distance transport and signalling in plants. Changes in the abundance of major solutes, signals and isotopes in phloem sap are sensitive to environmental cues. With a focus on both isotope and metabolite profiling technologies, we have produced temporally and spatially integrative tools for the rapid assessment of plant water and nutritional status. The basis of these tools, and opportunities for further development of these technologies will be discussed.