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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Computer Applications In Horticulture

Tuesday, September 27, 2011: 8:00 AM
Kings 3
8:00 AM
Phenology Modeling and Frost Risk Assessment with Climate Change for Temperate Fruit Crops
Jonathan P. Comstock, PhD, Cornell University; Alan N. Lakso, Cornell University; David W. Wolfe, Cornell Univ; Arthur T DeGaetano, Cornell University
8:15 AM
Modeling Activities During Manual Fruit Harvesting: A Comparison of Processes In the U.S. and Greece
Yiannis G. Ampatzidis, Washington State University; Stavros Vougioukas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Matthew Whiting, Washington State University
8:30 AM
Predicting the Timing of Cherry Blossoms In Washington D.C. and Mid-Atlantic States In Response to Climate Change
Uran Chung, PhD, University of Washington; Jin I. Yun, Kyung Hee University; Soo-Hyung Kim, University of Washington
8:45 AM
Further Development of a Bayesian Belief Network Model for Estimating Fresh Market Yield In ‘Beauregard' Sweetpotato
Arthur Q. Villordon, LSU AgCenter; Julio Solis, LSU AgCenter; Don LaBonte, Louisiana State University AgCenter; Christopher Clark, LSU AgCenter; Ron Sheffield, LSU AgCenter
9:00 AM
Modeling Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Water Dynamics In the Nursery and Greenhouse Industry
John Majsztrik, Ph.D., University of Maryland; Dr. John D. Lea-Cox, University of Maryland; Dr. David Ross, University of Maryland; Andrew Ristvey, University of Maryland
9:15 AM
Portable Weighing System for Determining Harvest Efficiency
Yiannis G. Ampatzidis, Washington State University; Francis Pierce, Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems; Matthew Whiting, Washington State University
9:30 AM
Teamwork and Technology Deliver IPM Strategies and Resources to Homeowners by Empowering Master Gardener Volunteers
Ellen Bauske, University of Georgia; Lucy K. Bradley, North Carolina State University; Kerry Smith, M.S., Alabama Cooperative Extension Service
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