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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Crop Physiology

Monday, September 26, 2011: 2:30 PM
Kohala 2
2:45 PM
Characterization of Photosynthetic Responses of Thirteen Herbaceous Ornamentals to Irradiance and CO2
Jennifer K. Boldt, University of Minnesota; John E. Erwin, Univ of Minnesota; Mary Hockenberry Meyer, PhD, University of Minnesota; Esther Y. Gesick, University of Minnesota
3:15 PM
Augmentation of Antioxidant Constituents by Drought Stress On Roots In Leafy Vegetables
Ryohei Koyama, M.Agr., KOBE University; Hiromichi Itoh, Ph.D., Kobe University; Yuichi Uno, Kobe University
3:30 PM
In Vitro Evaluation of Tipburn Resistance In Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)
Ryohei Koyama, M.Agr., KOBE University; Mitsuhiro Sanada, M.Agr., Kobe University; Hiroshi Ohkubo, Kobe University; Hiromichi Itoh, Ph.D., Kobe University; Michio Kanechi, Ph.D., Kobe University; Noboru Inagaki, Ph.D., Kobe Univ; Yuichi Uno, Kobe University
3:45 PM
Pomegranate Flower Receptivity Can Impact Both Fruit Set and Fruit Quality
Hazel Y. Wetzstein, Univ of Georgia; Weiguang Yi; Nadav Ravid, Paramount Farming Company; Erik Wilkins, Paramount Farming Company
4:00 PM
Why Is Phloem Loading Passive In Most Tree Species?
Qiushi Fu, Cornell University; Lailiang Cheng, Cornell University; Yangdong Guo, China Agricultural University; Robert Turgeon, Cornell University
4:15 PM
Understanding Calcium Deficiency Disorders At the Whole Plant and At the Cellular Level
Sergio Tonetto de Freitas, University of California; Elizabeth J. Mitcham, University of California
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