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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Environmental Stress Physiology

Sunday, September 25, 2011: 2:00 PM
Kohala 3
2:00 PM
Foliar Anthocyanin Content In Solenostemon Scutellarioides (L.) Codd. and Panicum Virgatum L. Varies with Irradiance, Temperature, and Cultivar
Jennifer K. Boldt, University of Minnesota; John E. Erwin, Univ of Minnesota; Mary Hockenberry Meyer, PhD, University of Minnesota
2:15 PM
Gene Expression and Physiological Responses of Petunia At Specific Substrate Water Contents
Jongyun Kim, University of Georgia; Anish Malladi, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia; Marc van Iersel, Ph.D Professor, University of Georgia
2:45 PM
Commercial Extract From the Brown Seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum (Acadian®) Improves Early Establishment and Stress Resistance In Vegetable Transplants
Will Neily, BSc., Agr., MSc, Acadian Seaplants Ltd.; Laurel Shishkov, Acadian Seaplants Ltd.; Dayna Titus, Acadian Seaplants Limited; Katy Griegoschewski, Acadian Seaplants Ltd.; Jeffrey Norrie, Acadian Seaplants, Ltd.
3:00 PM
Salt Tolerance of Selected Roses
Genhua Niu, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at El Paso; Denise Rodriguez, Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center, Texas A&M University; David H. Byrne, Texas A&M University; Terri Woods Starman, Texas A&M Univ
3:15 PM
Application of Oxygen Fertilizers In Rescuing Aged Vegetable Seeds and Alleviating Flooding Stress In Horticulture
Guodong Liu, University of Florida; Yuncong Li, University of Florida; Kati Migliaccio, University of Florida; Waldemar Klassen, University of Florida; Teresa Olczyk, Univ of Florida
3:30 PM
Sunburn of Apples: Types, Effects, and Impact On Consumer Acceptance of Fruit
Jozsef Racsko, Valent BioSciences; Diane Doud Miller, The Ohio State University, OARDC
3:45 PM
Increasing Overwintering Survival of Container-Grown Perennials
William K. Harris, Virginia Tech; John R. Freeborn, Virginia Tech; Joyce Griffin Latimer, VPI & SU; Holly L. Scoggins, Virginia Tech
4:00 PM
Administration of Particular Phenylpropanoids and/or Animo Acids Early In Development Improves Antioxidant Production and Can Improve Yield In Some Crop Plants
Katherine Warpeha, University of Illinois; DurreShahwar Muhammad, University of Illinois; Raquel Mezzich, University of Illinois; Lon Kaufman, University of Illinois; Terry Niblack, University of Illinois at Urbana; Glen Hartman, University of Illinois at Urbana; Ursula Reuter-Carlson, University of Illinois at Urbana; Douglas Jones, University of I Illinois; Joe Sullivan, University of Illinois
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