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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Genetics, Germplasm and Breeding—Cross Commodity

Tuesday, September 27, 2011: 2:45 PM
Queens 6
2:45 PM
Genetic Relatedness Among Entries within Short-Day Onion Germplasm
Christopher S. Cramer, New Mexico State University; Theodore J. Kisha, Washington State Univ
3:00 PM
Comparison of MatK Sequences and TRAP Molecular Markers for the Taxonomic Characterization of Six Species of the Allium Section Cepa (Mill.) Prokh. Complex
Theodore J. Kisha, Washington State Univ; Barbara Hellier, USDA–ARS, Western Regional Plant Introduction Station; David C. Tank, University of Idaho; Jinguo Hu, USDA–ARS, Western Regional Plant Introduction Station
3:15 PM
Mutation Breeding for Low Seed Content In Citrus
Mikeal L. Roose, University of California; Timothy E. Williams, University of California
3:30 PM
Breeding for Improved Tuber Quality by Introgressing Tuber Calcium Uptake Trait
Cinthya Zorrilla, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Jiwan Paul Palta, University of Wisconsin; Felix Navarro, University of Wisconsin - Madison; Sandra E. Vega, University of Wisconsin, Madison; John Bamberg, USDA-ARS
3:45 PM
Genotypic Diversity In the Seasonal Expression of Five Peach Dehydrin Genes
Carole L. Bassett, USDA ARS; Ksenija Gasic, Clemson University; Michael Wisniewski, USDA ARS
4:00 PM
Genetic Diversity of Narrowly Endemic Wild Coffea In Madagascar: Implications for Ex Situ Conservation
Sarada Krishnan, Denver Botanic Gardens; Tom A. Ranker, University of Hawaii; Aaron P. Davis, Royal Botanic Gardens; Jean Jacques Rakotomalala, FOFIFA
4:15 PM
Enhancing Genetic Variation In Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) Cultivars Using Microsatellite Analysis
Kirk William Pomper, Kentucky State University; Li Lu, Kentucky State Univ; Jeremiah Lowe, Kentucky State University; Sheri B. Crabtree, Kentucky State University
4:30 PM
Population Structure and Conservation of Wild Pyrus communis
Gayle Volk, USDA–ARS, National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation; Christopher Richards, USDA–ARS, National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation; Von Mark Cruz, USDA ARS; Nahla V. Bassil, Ph.D, USDA–ARS, NCGR; J. Postman, USDA–ARS, NCGR
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