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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Growth Chambers and Controlled Environments 2

Tuesday, September 27, 2011: 10:30 AM
Kings 3
10:30 AM
Growth of Three Lettuce Cultivars In NASA's HDU PEM During the 2010 DRATS Test
Gary Stutte, Ph.D., Dynamac Corp; Gerard Newsham, ESC-Team QNA; Raymond M. Wheeler, Plant Physiologist, NASA
10:45 AM
Evaluation of Plasma Lights as a New Source of Light for Growing Selected Horticultural Crops In Controlled Environments
Chiwon W. Lee, North Dakota State University; Eohjin Lee, North Dakota State Univ; Zhangwei Chai, North Dakota State Univ; James H. Flaherty, North Dakota State Univ; Peter A. Gregoire, North Dakota State Univ; Greta G. Gramig, North Dakota State Univ; Lance Brower, North Dakota State University
11:00 AM
Species and Media Testing for the Veggie Plant Production System for Space
Gioia D. Massa, NASA; Gerard Newsham, ESC-Team QNA; Janicce L. Harp, ESC Team QNA; Gary Stutte, Ph.D., Dynamac Corp; Robert C. Morrow, ORBITEC; Raymond M. Wheeler, Plant Physiologist, NASA
11:15 AM
Developing LED LightingTechnologies and Practices for Greenhouse Crop Production
Cary A. Mitchell, Purdue University; A.J. Both, Rutgers University; C. Michael Bourget, ORBITEC; John F. Burr, Purdue University; Chieri Kubota, University of Arizona; Roberto G. Lopez, Purdue University; Robert C. Morrow, ORBITEC; Erik S. Runkle, Michigan State University
11:30 AM
Characterization of Commercially Available 50-W UFO LED Plant Lighting for Use In NASA's Habitat Demonstration Unit
Gioia D. Massa, NASA; Kenneth D. Mellott, NASA; Gary Stutte, Ph.D., Dynamac Corp; Raymond M. Wheeler, Plant Physiologist, NASA
11:45 AM
Modulation of Consumer-Desired Traits In High Value Crops Using LED Illumination As a Growth Regualtor
Kevin M. Folta, Univ of Florida; Gabrielle A. Rose, University of Florida; Jeffery O. Bucove, LEC- Light Emitting Computers, Inc.
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