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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Production and Harvest Mechanization

Wednesday, September 28, 2011: 7:45 AM
Kohala 4
7:45 AM
Optical Sensors and Sensor Platforms for Detection of Citrus Greening (HLB) Diseases
Reza Ehsani, Agricultural, Engineering, University of Florida; Sindhuja Sankaran, PhD, University of Florida; Leo Gene Albrigo, Citrus Exp. Station
8:00 AM
UML Modeling of Mechanical Harvester Work Flow
Yiannis G. Ampatzidis, Washington State University; Matthew Whiting, Washington State University; Xiaoquang Du, Washington State Univ; Qin Zhang, Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems
8:15 AM
Evaluation of the Index of Absorbance Difference (IAD) to Determine Optimal Harvest Time of Peach Fruit
Ksenija Gasic, Clemson University; Terrence J. Frett, Clemson University; Bradley Rauh, M.Sci., Clemson University; Gregory L. Reighard, Clemson University; Nannan Yang, Clemson University
8:45 AM
Mechanical Blossom Thinning of North San Joaquin Valley Processing Peaches
Roger Duncan, Univ of California Coop Extn; Maxwell Norton, University of California Cooperative Extension; Scott Johnson, Kearney Ag Center
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