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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Plant Biotechnology Posters

Sunday, September 25, 2011: 1:15 PM
Kona Ballroom
Transcriptions of MYB Gene and Anthocyanin Biosynthesis Genes In Oriental Hybrid Lily ‘Marrero' Are Suppressed by High Temperature, Poster Board # 108
Yunsong Lai, Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University; Masumi Yamagishi, Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University
In Vitro Protocol Development for Alexandrian Laurel, Poster Board # 110
Guochen Yang, North Carolina Agr & Tech State Univ; Zhongge (Cindy) Lu, North Carolina Agr & Tech State Univ
Shoot Regeneration and Ploidy Variation In Tissue Culture of Honeydew Melon (Cucumis melo L. inodorus), Poster Board # 111
Yan Ren, Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center, Texas A&M University; Haejeen Bang, Texas A&M University; Jean Gould, Vegetable and Fruit Improvement Center, Texas A&M University; Bhimanagouda S. Patil, Texas A&M University, Vegetable & Fruit Improvement Center; Kevin Crosby, Texas A&M University
Understanding the Mechanisms Regulating the Development of Intumescences In Tomato Through Genomic Analyses, Poster Board # 112
Kimberly A. Williams, Kansas State University; Qingyu Wu, Kansas State Univ; Sunghun Park, Kansas State Univ; M. B. Kirkham, Kansas State Univ
Optimizing Shoot Proliferation and Plant Regeneration of Punica Granatum, Poster Board # 114
Sadanand Dhekney, PhD, Fort Valley State University; Sitther Viji, Fort Valley State Univ; Anand K. Yadav, Agricultural Research Station; Michael Hotchkiss, PhD
Characterization of Biologically Active Rhus Typhina Extract Using a Bioassay-Linked- Metabolomics Method, Poster Board # 115
Amanda C. Martin, University of Minnesota; Donald L Wyse, University of Minnesota; Adrian D. Hegeman, University of Minnesota
Genome-Enabled Development of New Tools to Accelerate Strawberry (Fragaria spp) Research, Poster Board # 116
Asha Brunings, University of Florida; Maureen A. Clancy, University of Florida; Hernan G. Rosli, Instituto de Investigaciones Biologicas (IIB-INTECH); Srikar Chamala, Univ of Florida; Scott Carle, University of Florida; Frederick Varn, University of Florida; Marcos Civello, Instituto de Investigaciones Biologicas (IIB-INTECH); W. Bradley Babazuk, University of Florida; Thomas M. Davis, University of New Hampshire; Kevin M. Folta, Univ of Florida
Effect of Benzylaminopurine and Activated Carbon On Embryogenic Calli Formation In Explants of Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera L.) Cultured In Vitro, Poster Board # 117
Blanca-Isabel Mendoza-Macías, Universidad de Colima; Salvador Guzmán-González, Universidad de Colima; Elpidio Peña-Beltrán, Universidad de Colima; Juan-Manuel González-González, Universidad de Colima; Carlos Oropeza-Salín, Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán
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