Workshop: Waste Utilization in Horticulture Walking Tour of Related Posters

Workshop: To share current research in all areas of waste utilization in horticulture with the membership. To facilitate casual interaction among members of the WUH WG. To build membership and interest in the WUH WG and plant seeds of collaboration. Please Meet in Springs C to gather with workshop participants. Group will then travel to the poster hall together.
This workshop will be a walking tour of posters related to all aspects of Waste Utilization in Horticulture (WUH).  This session is not planned to be part of the regular poster sessions or poster competitions, but instead will be an opportunity to tour a subset of the posters with colleagues interested in the field of WUH. The session will begin with a brief introduction, followed by an informal walk around the poster area to view work being done related to waste processing; waste recovery; composts and composting; substrates, containers, and fertilizers made from waste products; and other aspects of the role that horticulture plays in finding uses for byproducts and wastes. Members and nonmembers of WUH Working Group (WG) are encouraged to attend. As the tour starts, a list of posters planned for the tour will be distributed, based on the published list of submitted poster presentations. At each stop, we will be able to review the poster and discuss its relationship to WUH science, outreach, and teaching. The intent wil not be to critique the works presented, but to discuss the science of WUH in the context of the works selected for viewing. The intent of the this tour is to expose the attendees to the breadth of work being done in WUH, to promote interaction among the WUH WG membership, and to foster future collaborations. The tour will finish with a brief round table and invitation to follow on discussion.
Wednesday, July 24, 2013: 10:00 AM
Springs Salon C (Desert Springs J.W Marriott Resort )
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