Scholars Ignite - Student Competition

Presiding: Anita Azarenko ASHS is hosting the first annual competition called “Scholars Ignite” for graduate students to share their discoveries and creations to a non-specialist audience. Education VP Anita Azarenko is looking forward to making this new opportunity available to graduate students to communicate the impact of their research, projects and scholarly activities. Graduate students will make compelling presentations in three minutes using no more than one single PowerPoint slide or visual aid. The purpose of the presentation is to generate awareness, stimulate thought, and inspire attendees to appreciate the breadth and depth of horticulture research and scholarly activities. This is similar to the three to five minute thesis and research presentation events (e.g. Three minute thesis, ‘Ignite’ or Scholars’ Studio) occurring around the globe, and done especially well in Australia, British Columbia, and the University of Washington. Our hope is that this activity would stir the society’s membership up around graduate student learning, research, discovery, and creativity. ASHS would obtain “stories” to share via “YouTube” and for the web, and to brag about our graduate student membership and their accomplishments. Graduate students would meet other students, learn of research and other creative and scholarly activities across ASHS, and hopefully have fun! Winners will receive a cash award of $500, $250, and $100 for the top three places, respectively. Students signed up for the competition at the time of registering for the ASHS conference. Then, students are to submit the following information to Elizabeth Hernandez at by June 22, 2013: First name Middle initial Last name Title Their advisor’s name and institution Email Mobile Must also submit the slide that you will use.
Wednesday, July 24, 2013: 9:30 AM
Springs Salon A/B (Desert Springs J.W Marriott Resort )