Roundtable Discussion on the Standardization of LED Lighting for Horticultural Applications

Based on the technology advancement and market growth of LEDs, there is increasing need for standardizations for LED lighting applications in greenhouses and controlled-environment growth rooms. Participants consist of leading producers of LEDs, growers, researchers, and other interested stakeholders. The topics of discussion are proposed but limited to: 1. Testing LED component test, revising or extending the existing standard, IES LM-80 to include photon flux related content LED lamp and luminaire test, revision or extending the existing standard, IES LM-84 to including horticultural lighting system performance test. 2. Performance Requirement Energy saving measures. Lighting distribution and spectrum requirements. 3.Safety: Eye safety, Others.
Monday, July 28, 2014: 1:45 PM
Salon 9/10 (Rosen Plaza Hotel)