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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

The Growing Involvement of Horticulture In e-Extension: Updates and Opportunities

This workshop will provide updates that highlight the increasing number of eXtension Communities of Practice (CoP) related to Horticulture. These CoPs will provide updates regarding their formation and strategies for developing and delivering content. There will also be a discussion regarding how communities have obtained funding and possible future funding opportunities as discussed by USDA, eXtension, and CoP leaders.
The national eXtension Initiative officially launched its public web site ( on February 21, 2008, at the USDA Agriculture Outlook Forum in Washington, D.C. Work on this Initiative has been ongoing for several years. In 2005, eight communities of practice (CoPs) were funded to begin identifying and/or developing content for eXtension. Among these pioneer CoPs was one devoted to consumer horticulture that participated in the public launch using a more user-friendly identity of Gardens, Lawns, and Landscapes (GLL). In the last few years, additional horticulture themed CoPs have been developed including: All About Blueberries; Apple Rootstocks and Cultivars; and Grapes.  Other, CoPs exist that relate to horticulture including: Bee Health; eOrganic; Plant Breeding and Genomics; and Wildlife Damage Management.  This workshop will provide information on the formation of many of these CoPs with an emphasis on funding strategies that will help sustain these communities and perhaps launch new ones.
Tuesday, September 27, 2011: 10:00 AM
Queens 6
10:00 AM
“Apple Rootstocks and Cultivars”: A Case Study In Using Extension to Increase Access to Research-Based Information
Emily Hoover, University of Minnesota; Richard P. Marini, Pennsylvania State Univ; Emily Tepe, University of Minnesota; Wesley R. Autio, Univ of Massachusetts; Alan R. Biggs, West Virginia University; Jon M. Clements, University of Massachusetts; Robert M. Crassweller, Pennsylvania State Univ; Daniel Foster, Pennsylvania State University; Melanie Foster, Pennsylvania State University; Diane Doud Miller, The Ohio State University, OARDC; Michael Lee Parker, North Carolina State Univ; Jozsef Racsko, Valent BioSciences; Terence Lee Robinson, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station; Michele Warmund, Univ of Missouri
10:15 AM
Working Across State Lines to Create a Multi-Disciplinary SCRI Team Proposal: The All about Blueberries Extension.Org Story
Natalie Hummel, LSU AgCenter; Denise Attaway, LSU AgCenter; Elina D. Coneva, Auburn University; Kimberly Morgan, Mississippi State Univ.; William O. Cline, North Carolina State University; Donna Marshall, USDA–ARS; Don Ferrin, LSU AgCenter; Krisanna Machtmes, LSU AgCenter; Heli Roy, LSU AgCenter
10:30 AM
Industry Involvement In the Creation and Funding of the Extension Grape Community of Practice
Eric T. Stafne, Oklahoma State University; Edward W. Hellman, Texas A&M Univ; R. Keith Striegler, Univ of Missouri; Jean-Mari Peltier, National Grape and Wine Initiative
10:45 AM
What Is Eorganic, and How Can It Help Foster a National Organic Agriculture Research and Outreach Community?
Alexandra Stone, Oregon State University; Danielle D. Treadwell, University of Florida; Timothy W. Coolong, University of Kentucky
11:00 AM
What's Wrong with My Plant? An Online Plant Diagnostics Module for Master Gardeners
Mary Hockenberry Meyer, PhD, University of Minnesota; Cynthia Haynes, PhD, Iowa State Univ; Denise Ellsworth, The Ohio State University
11:15 AM
Multistate Collaborations to Answer Consumer Horticulture Questions In e-Extension
Richard E. Durham, Univ of Kentucky; Candace Harker, Univ of Kentucky; Karen Jeannette, M.S., eXtension
11:30 AM
Opportunities for Federal Funding of Extension Communities of Practice
Craig H. Wood, University of Kentucky; Thomas A. Bewick, USDA–NIFA; Mary M. Peet, Ph.D., USDA
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