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The 2011 ASHS Annual Conference

Postharvest Posters 2

Monday, September 26, 2011: 12:45 PM
Kona Ballroom
Postharvest Ripening of Field Grown Bell Peppers (Capsicum annum L.), Poster Board # 234
Sharon Gillies, Ph.D., University of Fraser Valley; Alexandra M. Kabool, University of Fraser Valley
Postharvest Quality and Chilling Tolerance of Bell Pepper Varieties, Poster Board # 235
Emma Bayogan, Ph.D., University of the Philippines Mindanao; Marita I. Cantwell, University of California, Davis
Time-Dependent Changes In the Longitudinal Sugar and Respiratory Profiles of Asparagus Spears During Storage At 0 o C, Poster Board # 237
Sven Verlinden, West Virginia University; Randolph Beaudry, Michigan State University; Robert C. Herner, Michigan State Univ; Silvanda D. Silva, CCA/UFPB
Storage Quality of Fresh-Cut Lotus Root Treated with High Pressure and Stored In Film Packages Filled with Water, Poster Board # 238
Hidemi Izumi, Kinki University; Takahiro Arakawa, Kinki University; Tsutomu Itazaki, Kinki University; Megumi Ishimaru, Kinki University
The Chemistry of a Great Tasting Tomato, Poster Board # 239
Denise Tieman, University of Florida; Peter Bliss, University of Florida; Dawn Bies, University of Florida; Adilia Blandon-Ubeda, University of Florida; Mark Taylor, University of Florida; Charles Goulet, University of Florida; Melissa Hamner Mageroy, University of Florida; Asli Odabasi, University of Florida; David Clark, University of Florida; Charles Sims, University of Florida; Linda Bartoshuk, University of Florida; Harry J. Klee, University of Florida
Ester Production and Alcohol Acyltransferase Activity in Fresh-cut Melon during Storage, Poster Board # 240
Sumithra K. Wendakoon, Toyo College of Food Technology; Takeo Horie, Toyo College of Food Technology; Hidemi Izumi, Kinki University
Visual and Compositional Quality of Bulk and Packed Yellow Summer Squashes Displayed Under Simulated Retail Conditions, Poster Board # 241
Cecilia Nunes, Dr., University of South Florida; Sharon Dea, USDA ARS SAA; Jean Pierre Emond, Dr., University of South Florida Polytechnic
Antifungal Activity of Biopolymers Made From Wheat Gluten Containing Naturally Occurring Cinnamaldehyde and Natamycin, Poster Board # 244
Mari Pau Balaguer, Spain's Superior Council for Scientific Investigations (CSIC); Eva Almenar, Michigan State Univ; Rafael Gavara, Spain's Superior Council for Scientific Investigations (CSIC); Pilar Hernández-Muñoz, Spain's Superior Council for Scientific Investigations (CSIC)
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