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Marketing and Economics (Poster)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015: 12:15 PM
Napoleon Expo Hall (Sheraton Hotel New Orleans)
Combating Rose Rosette Disease: Economics and Marketing, Poster Board # 146
Marco Palma, Texas A&M University; Luis Ribera, Texas A&M University; Charles R. Hall, Texas A&M University; David H. Byrne, Texas A&M University; Ellen Roundey, Texas A&M University
How Do Intensive Cropping Systems Impact Profitability for Pumpkin Producers?, Poster Board # 147
Sarah E. Hulick, Cornell University; Stephen Reiners, Cornell University; Bradley Rickard, Cornell University
Green Growth: An Exploratory Study of Metro and Non-metro Garden Centers' Use of New Media Marketing, Poster Board # 148
Scott Stebner, Kansas State University; Cheryl R. Boyer, Kansas State University; Lauri Baker, Kansas State University; Hikaru Peterson, Kansas State University
Poster Presentations
  • Scott Stebner ASHS Poster 2015.pdf (740.4 kB)
  • Dates International Trade Could Be a Challenging Opportunity for Fruit Export Diversification for Chile, Poster Board # 149
    Werther Kern, University of Chile; Marco Schwartz, University of Chile; Antonio Lizana, CEPOC, University of Chile
    Poster Presentations
  • Estimating the Economic Feasibility of Producing Blackberries for Four Different Production Systems, Poster Board # 150
    Hector German Rodriguez, University of Arkansas; Jennie Popp, University of Arkansas; Curt R. Rom, University of Arkansas; Heather Friedrich, University of Arkansas; Luke Freeman, University of Arkansas
    Poster Presentations
  • Rodriguez et al ASHS 2015.pdf (705.8 kB)
  • ASHS 2015 Voice.mp3 (503.6 kB)
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